About WhaSUP

WhaSUP is a small Canadian business based out of Troy, ON which designs and sells customized inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Scott and Sarah are outdoor enthusiasts and have a passion for paddling and outdoor sports. This passion for the outdoors and the sport of paddling quickly turned into a business.

SUP and Cottage 2012 371

1. Portable!!

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. As Canadians we are blessed with so many waterways:harbours, lakes, rivers and oceans. Anywhere there is water, you can paddle!

Paddling is a fantastic core workout that burns between 500-700 calories an hour. These boards provide a fun workout that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Our boards are constructed of double layer PVC vinyl that are sunlight resistant and tolerant of temperatures ranging from -30 to 70 C.
Between the layers of PVC vinyl are thousands of carbon fibre threads. These threads prevent the board from overinflating and give the paddle board it’s rigidity.

Perfect for:

  • Condo dwellers
  • Cottage dwellers
  • Compact car drivers
  • Those interested in a variety of workout plans.

No need for:

  • Roof racks
  • Tie downs
  • Large amounts of storage space

Our quality boards fit in:

  • A backpack
  • The trunk of a small car
  • Your luggage for your next Caribbean vacation – now you can still paddle your board during the Canadian winter year!

2. Easy to use!! Functional!

WhaSUP distributes FUN in a complete package. But fun can also be FUNCTIONAL.

Everything you need to walk on water is sold in the backpack. Your stand up paddle board, high pressure pump, pressure gauge, adjustable paddle, leash and manual all fit in an easy to use and functional backpack.

Our boards are a quality product constructed of a double layer of treated vinyl (sunlight resistant and tolerant to a large temperature difference…-30-70 C) which allows for hits against rocks and docks and can withstand the claws of your favourite canine paddling partner.

Within 3-5 minutes your SUP in a pack is ready to use for you to “walk on water” within the great outdoors of Canada.

  • As rigid as a hard board once inflated.
  • Packed and stored in no time!

WhaSUP can also customize stand up paddle boards for your business. They can be seen in yoga and pilates studios, rafting companies, kids camps, resorts and wellness retreats!

3. Affordable!!

The best thing about WhaSUP inflatable stand up paddle boards is that they are affordable.

Scott and Sarah love this sport so much they created a business around it. They want you to see how much fun stand up paddling can be.